• freedomb

    „HELLO KIDDAZ“ JULY CHART 2016 by FreedomB

    Checkout FreedomB’s new Beatport Chart for July 2016 HERE.  

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  • freedomb

    We proudly welcome FreedomB to the Kiddaz.FM Musicgroup!

    Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know and it doesnt’ matter. Everything’s in the music, in the rythm and overall in the freedom of the beat. In the

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  • Agent!_5

    In the Kitchen with: AGENT !

    Berlin-based DJ and producer AGENT! had a busy schedule these last months. Touring arount central Europe, he’s about to heat up South-America again soon. Meanwhile, to keep your foot shaked, check this latest mixtape he recorded for „In The Kitchen“ Youtube-series.    

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  • 13417524_10154046411075751_7199777563075007177_n

    Hanne & Lore FAZEMag Feature !

    Keeping you posted with this nice Interview for German FAZEMag, Hanne & Lore keep being busy in the studio ready to spread some new grooves on Heulsuse and Kitball. Keep your ears ready.

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  • Heulsuse_Magdalena

    This Friday: XLR1507 meets Kiddaz.fm !

    Around in Berlin on Friday? Then you might get ready for our XLR1507 meets Kiddaz.fm night at mighty Magdalena Club! Check-In HERE (KLICK). With acts like XHEI (District4//Buenos Aires), Pierre Deutschmann (XLR1507/Magdalena), Thomas Hoffknecht (Credo//District4),  (Unrills//Lille), Enzo Siffredi...

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  • Agent!_1

    Agent: New Remix and Interview !

    His latest releases for Get Physical and Stylerockets were unbeatable. Back with a fresh remix for Moosfiebr now, Berlin-based AGENT! brings back the heat for MBF ltd label. Grab your digital copy HERE (KLICK) and be ready for more to come. Besides, you might check AGENT in this latest interview for...

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  • Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-20 um 11.47.05

    Catch AGENT! on the road this weekend !

    Berlin, Innsbruck, Hohenpreißenberg. Agent’s schedule for this weekends rave-madness is full of highlighting Line-Ups and quality partys. Step around if you’re around !

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  • 13029511_10153510405603062_8594640406007162475_o

    Enzo Siffredi: 2nd EP via DFTD !

    UK’s finest Enzo Siffredi is coming with his second round on legendary Defected imprint DFTD. This two-tracker, going by the name of „Are You Insane?“ keeps his high standard and punchy groove all the way down. Grab your digital gold right HERE (KLICK) and feel free to get in touch...

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  • 12930997_1069052923152484_3884624578894134474_n

    Mirco Niemeier’s 116 BPM for Metanoia !

    Berlin-based Metanoia imprint is increasing heavily. After droping some serious EP’s and remix work, Mirco Niemeier fixes his latest EP called „116 BPM“. And obviously, it gets what it says. Something slow, never the less energizing and fresh. Grab your digital copy HERE (KLICK) after...

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  • 13102843_971842282863061_1618493648456227223_n

    Oscar Barila & Dompe – Pulsar EP via StyleRockets !

    Kiddaz-affiliated StyleRockets label giving the next shot by Oscar Barila threetrack EP called „Pulsar“. Including a highjacking remix by Berlin-based Dompe, this 89th edition is one of a kind. Grab your copy via Beatport right HERE (KLICK).  

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